Monday, 9 May 2011

Export Data Starting From Special Cell in Excell File - SSIS

Sometimes you have a formated Excel file, which you want to use this file as Destination, so you may need to import data start from special Cell inside the excel file.
By default SSIS import data from Column1 and Row1 in excel file. But you can change it.


Suppose this excel format:

in this sample data should import start from column 4 and row 5 ( right under the "firstname" word)

so in the Excel Destination:
set Data access mode as SQL command,
and write this statement under SQL command text :
select f4,f5 from [Sheet2$] where index='r4'

this means that you want to import data in f4 and f5 ( these are column headers in our formatted excel file ), into Sheet2, and after row with index='r4' ( r4 is row header in our formatted excel file ).

and this will be result:

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